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    This web page includes also the links to the web pages of third parties (“external links“). These web pages are under the responsibility of its own user. The Provider has made the necessary audits so as to define if there are any legal violations in the external contents at first connection. Presently, there is no legal violation defined. The Provider does not have any influence on the present or future design of the pages connected or on the content thereof. The use of external links cannot be construed as that the provider has the property of the warnings or the contents reached via the link. In case the violation of law cannot be established, the regular inspections of these external links cannot be expected from the provider. In case of any violation of law, such external links shall be deleted immediately. 

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    Data Protection
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    The Provider particularly draws your attention to the fact that there are security gaps for data transfer on the Internet (For instance, e-mail transfer) and such data cannot be protected against this content being reached by third parties. 

    The use of personal communication data for commercial advertising is strictly forbidden since it can appear as if the provider has given prior approval or there exists a business relationship. The Provider and the persons whose names are given on the web pages do not accept the transfer of such commercial use and data. 

    Conditions for Particular Use
    In case the particular conditions for use of this web page individually differ from articles 1 to 4 above, this situation shall be defined in details in appropriate places. In this case, the relevant particular conditions for use shall apply.

    Source: Example-Disclaimer at connektar.de link and juraforum.de address -experten-branchenbuch.de address for press release and to find a lawyer.